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We are Merienda.

About Us

The word "Merienda" comes from various cultures and refers to light meals, often enjoyed midday or as supper. Each culture has its own preferred time for merienda.

Our logo reflects the diversity of Merienda. Its circular shape symbolizes our world and the variety of cuisines and cultures we share. It represents unity, showing our common love for food despite our differences. The leaf atop the plate signifies the eclectic range of Merienda options.

The leaf illustrates the banana leaf, widely used in many cultures for cooking and symbolism. Since we're based in Hawaii, the leaf also nods to ocean waves, representing the ever-evolving nature of cuisines.

Merienda is well-known in the Philippines, whether as street food or homemade delicacies. As two Filipino migrants from different regions, we're excited to share our takes on the foods we grew up with.

We are Merienda.

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Motley Adovas

Chef Motley Adovas was born in the coastal town of Cabugao in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. A graduate of the University of Hawaii Maui Culinary Academy, Adovas started his career cooking alongside Chef Jojo Vasquez. ”Being an apprentice of such a diversified chef led me to explore more. I was taught to be attentive and respect every detail., from growing food to serving it.” Adovas’ cookery leans towards vibrant Asian flavors. “I love big and impactful flavors. Cooking is all about an orchestrated combination of seasonal ingredients, classic methods, and techniques, and doing it with integrity and love.”  Written by Eliza Escano Vasquez

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Danielle Soriano

Danielle Soriano was born and raised in San Juan City in Manila, Philippines, and moved to Maui, Hawaii in 2014. She is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Maui Culinary Academy. While in school, she also found a love of working in front of the house and in numerous food events. Another thing that sparks Soriano interest while gaining more experiences is to take part in the Filipino Food Movement, where they promote Filipino Cuisine in all of its forms, re-creating and giving it an elevated and innovative approach, and give it a whole new inspired interpretation.

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